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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
You guys are still arguing best Hokage? Holy fuck.

Not quite.

White Zetsu = Hashirama's power.
Black Zetsu = Hashirama and Madara's fused power.
Dude what the hell are you talking about? Even Ahman Shakar knows that. What I said is a direct quote of black Zetsu. Don't point out something to me that some readers totally forgot about until Kael03 recently reminded them.

Obviously we have seen Yamato merge with the earth. Even watching people through the tree trunks..If Zetsu and Yamato can achieve this...Hashi could run rampant on the land and no one would know. As I said if Hashi was serious no one could escape him. Dude can grab a fucking Bijuudama with wood hands. You think he couldn't grow roots and choke a bitch. Grow wooden spikes in the ground and impale a bitch? Like the little we saw with Obito and the Mist..Hashi would be a monster if he wasn't so sweet hearted lol.

Edit: At jericho Uzimaki...I was not playing into the war between minato and Hashi.. i was just going over the real THREAT of Minato and Hashi in the eyes of the enemy. The one to fear....

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