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Re: Naruto 621

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post

Here it is.

Hashirama summoned freaking chakravartin lol.

This was a badass exchange, haven't been impressed like this for a while from a fight in this manga.

PS: Minato would have beaten these two already with his almighty speed!!!!!!!

Damn....nothing I would of expected....Kyuubi wearing Susanoo...(actually pretty damn smart) Hashi breaking out some form of Buddha mode lol! So the Three huge gates Oro pulled out when he fought against 4 Tail Naruto originally was a jutsu that belonged to Hashi. So yep they were friends and Hashi was trying to talk no jutsu. Senpou Mokuton? At first I thought it was an earlier version of Sage mode....for fucks sakes man this fight is gonna be badass! Just epic awesome chapter.

Just noticed...Madara had the Kyuubi blow his Bijuudama onto his mystic sword (Susanoo chakra sword) then he blew that sword spinning at Hashi....nice move..

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