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Re: Naruto 621

Fucking loved this chapter. Hashirama my man your too much, on some fairytale shit for real. This chapter finally puts all the haters to shame. 1. Madara did go all out to kill Hashi whilst it was actually the latter who held back. 2. Mito played no part in VOTE as most of us knew. 3. Hashi is just too gangsta for Madara.

Nice chapter Kishi, a genius don't lose his touch so easily. Its amazing what Madara did with susanoo and the kyuubi. I wonder if he could do that with any of the tailed beast. Lol imagine Sasuke killing Bee and taking over Hachbi versus Naruto and Kuruma.

Hashirama's senju techniques were sick and that 'now you've pissed me off face' he used at the end was impressive. The chapter ended with more intrigue and classic Kishi if you ask me. Now we're waiting to see how they first met us kids. Lol already as a kid we can see that Madara was an asshole and he must have being jealous of his Senju superior his whole life.
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