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Re: Naruto 621

So wait... two children of two ninja clans that were the most powerful in the land and constantly on opposite sides of every battle (as has been beaten into us), met as children and befriended each other?


That is terrible.

Action about what I expected, except for the sage mode from Hashirama. Big, explosive and powerful. Basically, no one has reached that level since and truly highlights the limited range of jutsu that both Naruto and Sasuke have... doesn't bode well for the final fight. The dialogue was pretty terrible but I'll just put it on translations.

"I thought we were friends."
"I am already at the top!"

Wut? I guess it means they were going to the top together... whatever. Carbon copy of the Sasuke-Naruto arc. They were friends and the sharingan poisoned the Uchiha to hatred, putting everything that happens on a set of eyes that Naruto has to overcome some how. Love power no doubt.
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