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Re: Naruto 621

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Honestly, at this moment both Naruto and Sasuke look like bystanders in the manga. Not to mention others like Kakashi etc. Which is pretty fucking horrible.
If you still consider Kakashi a main player in all of this, intellectual capacity must be questioned (because of all the asspulls, powerups, plotholes and what not).

Compared to what we're reading now, would anyone like to go back to the ole "Child of Prophecy" days.... seriously, how many of you forgot about that?

Originally Posted by Vengeance
So then begs the question how the hell did Hashirama die?
Mito was a ho, slept around, got the Clap, gave it to Hashi (all before the Hashi-Madara fight), hence why we have white Zetsu... and they look like discharge. Konoha didn't have proper medical treatments back then, and Hashi died from the Clap.

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