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Re: Naruto 621

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
To be completely honest, I think anyone with a brain would figure out that if their opponent vanished all of the sudden, the most obvious of places for the opponent to launch an attack would be from behind, so they'd react accordingly.

But, of course, since were dealing with Minatards here, everyone but Minato is a drooling idiot and somehow every single offensive attack from Minato is instant.
To be fair, Minato has demonstrated that he knows to adequately carry momentum and movement into his teleportation so that his attack is as close to instantaneous as is possible. His attacks aren't instant, but he starts the attack prior to teleporting so that there will be virtually no delay between him being reverse summoned to Point B and making his attack. Given the speed of the teleportation (faster than any eye technique can follow), the former part isn't really valid. It's effectively like saying you can dodge a bullet from 20 yards because you know where it's coming from and see the shot happen. By the time you've perceived what's happened, it's too late to react.

I have to be honest. For all Minato's lack of matching up to Hashirama, let's not downplay how goddamned bullshit fast he is thanks to the FTG. All else said, we know he lives up to the hype of his ungodly speed. Everything else is just blown out of proportion.
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