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Re: 622 predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Lol, cool edit.

I would rather see the statue power drop on the Kyuubi with the back portion facing down. 1000 finger jabs.
For some reason I don't see lasers...I see that thing manifesting arm like spears....and shooting them out like daggers. Senju...shooting out lasers is just odd looking lol. I expect Uchihas to have techs like that...I expect something with a little more beauty and harmony to it. Hashi seems to be the Grand Buddha himself lol. Shit would be awesome if each arm was chakra infused and shot out at the Kyuubi. Impaling him all over and draining his chakra. Weakening and possibly giving Mito the chance to come from under Hashi's nuts and seal the 9 Tails. That last panel as I said looks like the Goddess of Mercy threw something at Madara.
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