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Re: One piece 699

What? Nobody predicted that he will be a fucking king. We all thought he was some kind of royalty, but king? Nobody.

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
Note also Baby 5 said the Doflamingo our assumption that he is a nobleman or part of the royal family possibly.could be spot on

Shrike correct...I never said King in my statement here...though I was thinking either Prince or King when I made my response. With Dofla just sitting idly by waiting for the phone call...he seemed like a lot was on his mind. For some reason though I do feel like he is playing them for a fiddle. Why isn't Law being hunted? Why hasn't the WG officially called in Law for questioning? The whole exchange...something big will go down and totally throw off both sides and their agendas. This could be the trap set up by Akainu. As he wants to see all who cross justice melt under his fist. I also think Kaidou will make his move before Dofla. I am sure he is getting some heat his way to either with investors or other WG affiliated officials. Also wondering why Ajioki (spl) has been working alongside/under the same possible people as Dofla?
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