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Re: Fairy Tail 320

Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
Jura 1 Shots Orga lol. I see Juvia and Gray win due to teamwork which Lyon and Chelia lack and also due to in my opinion incompatible magic. I see Laxus on brink of defeat and forced to activate dragon force to defeat Jura. Erza will probably use the bandage armour to defeat Minerva. After all the matches Sting either defeats everyone in a cowardly manner or quits and joins Fairy Tail.
Yeah I agree with you Dragon...Lyon and Chelia's magic does not blend well. Juvia and Gray will use their magic blend shit..forgot what it was called. Water and Ice will out play their lacking teamwork. Another note is will this be the moment Laxus actually gets to grow. He has kinda been given the short stick since being defeated and returning to FairyTale. It is time that his notoriety gets back on the hill it was once on. This is the guy who wanted to be master. Defeating Juru will surely grant him even more recognition amongst Fiore. Jura is one that will not go down easily without a fight. Sting is still questioning himself..not only that his true worth. Does he qualify to be apart of ST or does a guild like FT actually support his views...I can see him going a cowardly route but why so? He needs to prove himself...his resolve over his feelings and overcoming Minerva's grasp. Once Erza beats Minerva lets see what Sting does....I don't see him going anywhere without Rogue.
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