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Re: Fairy Tail 320

Originally Posted by killerrabbit9 View Post
Looks to me like one of the silhouettes of the four gods looks like Arcadios or at least the armor he is wearing. I think Erza must be saving up for some massive requip. Either that or she is waiting for Gajeel to come and lend a hand. The only other way for her to survive is for Sting to backstab Minerva.

I don't think its just a difference in the compatibility of their magics that makes Juvia and Gray a better team than Lyon and Chelia, its the fact Juvia and Gray are actually working together. I see them taking out team Lyelia with a Unison Raid.

I'm not sure what to make of Laxus vs. Lyon. Also aside from Makarov, Gildartz should be pretty high up in the Wizard's Saints. Although I doubt he'd ever show up to be tested for it.

Well you just contradicted yourself is in their magic compatibility. As a unison raid would blend their magic for a super offensive move. Teamwork plays into the battle. It's just like Soul Resonance with Soul and Maka. It works best when both are on the same wavelength. Remember also when they used the move the first time.

Unison Raid=This spell which allows two Mages to unite similar Magical powers to attack with a stronger magical attack.
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