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Re: Naruto 621

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Really, I am the one deeming things so and being completely irrational... But, aren't you the one who thinks that hashirama would "Just win" against Obito despite the fact he has no way too hit him, much less defend against his KAMUI...
I mean really!!! How could Hashirama beat Obito??? Really, explain it to me because you are th eone sounding irrational just CLAIMING hashirama will just happen to win without so much as a single feat that can deal with Obito and his abilities..

Obito>Hashirama... It's obvious ot anyone who isn't just fanning the hell out of hashirama and his abilities... Because, again, how is hashirama going to touch obito, much less keep from being drawn into KAMUI dimension where he would die without a way to come back...

Obito has a half body of hashirama connected to his actual body... ANd that half hashirama and actual body are wrapped and covered in a whole other hashirama clone body... Making Obito have a one and half hashirama clone body... and 1/4 original uchiha body... And Obito is actually two people... His uchiha/senju body wrapped and covered in Zetsu Tobi's Body...

And Because hashirama was not a shinobi wrapped and covered in another version of his body... Hashirama is just a single body obviously while Obito was two as one and a half bodies of hashirama with 1/4 of it Original Uchiha body...

Making Obito then>hashirama in durability... SO claiming that Obito can take a rasengan without dying is nothing special since he was seriously injured, losing an arm and unable to continue... and he has hashirama's regenration ability as shown here...

and here when the arm starts to instantly regenerate after nearly coming off...

SO obviously the basic rasengan coupled with Minato's brute strength would do a considerable amount of damage to Hashirama if it did that much to a 50% more durable body of Obito's.

I could be wrong but I believe Obito is not fully wrapped in Zetsu body. Madara comments on this when

also zetsu...again is just weak even if he was...but he isn't

Only half his body is able to regenerate which was also more of the point in my opinion of that panel. He can only T/S for five seconds straight and with his Rinnegan not being at full level I wonder how long he can hold out using it's five minute hax of Shinrai Tensei. Remember if Konan would of known about his true abilities she would of beat Obito even without the Rinnegan.

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