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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
My take on "friend-zoning" is that women generally like to have guy friends they view as brothers, either because they don't like most girls or to help with all of their guy issues.

The pussies who end up in the "friend zone" don't have the balls to make their intentions clear and think that somehow in some way, if they just keep being super nice and acting like the regular friend the woman is treating them as then said woman will eventually realize with absolutely no hint that the guy wants to get his romance on. They convince themselves that living with hope in friend zone agony is better than ruining the friendship and losing any chance.

It's understandable that they whine about it only because whining is what people do when they're too much of a pussy to do anything constructive.
Yeah, women like to have males following them around, but they are sure to discard the said male quite fast when they get into a relationship.

I wouldn't say it's as simple as "they didn't make their intentions clear" though. They didn't come right up and say "hey i wanna fuck you, you up?" because nobody does that, so they start by inviting them to coffee or a walk or something. This usually ends up as a pretty okay "date" except that the women never saw it as a date. Only a nicely spent time with a guy who is fun to be around, but he is not to be confused with a possible partner. Why? Because he was funny and all that on that date but didn't "give any signs that were showing his intentions".

In the same situation, from the guys perspective, he is all like "hell yeah, i liked that first date, she definitely likes my jokes and shit, i ll nail that", which is, for the sad guy, completely wrong.

Because he cannot decide when is the right moment to "go in" (at that point it's already useless, there is no right moment for him anymore in 99% of the cases), he spends a few "dates" only hanging out with her and hopes for a good chance to show his intentions (but he is a pussy and he cannot do it).

Couple of weeks later, she calls him and is all like "I found a great guy!" (the guys interpret this as "his dick is huge!"). And then, he realizes that he is Friendzoned.

Now, up to that point, I can understand people who get there and whine, because it's a regular thing to happen. I had a similar situation when I was 17 or 18, not gonna lie (although the circumstances ware different, I did have sex with her).

But guys who keep being friends even though they are flipping out their shit because of her, and STILL keep listening to her stories (especially those stories about what they mind about their boyfriend) like : "goddamn do you know what jery did to me? he asked me to fuck both him and tom, the jerk!! he later said that he was joking but i was hella mad!" and he is all like "why do you stay with him then?" (BE WITH ME PLEASE PLEASE).

^those guys deserve 0 respect. Better to be forever alone then to be a fucking pussy and a moron.
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