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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Friend zoning is a horrible excuse for a sentiment. It literally defines it self as "aw, c'mon woman, why won't you just sleep with me like I want you to". Ugh. Kids is fucked up.
Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Nah. Always see it used between guys "Ah, you got put in the friend zone. That sucks dude." "Yeah, I don't get it - I was totally nice to her. Why do women like jerks?"
That's not how I grew up with the term. For me it's always meant that there's two people who are close, but one wants to be romantically close while other doesn't, and everything has been talked about already and both know how each other feel, etc. That's how I've always seen it used until I became a regular on the internet. I've even seen Demi's definition before the "woman likes jerks" bit. Of course, I'm convinced that you'd agree that how I grew up with it is a good use for the term, just saying how I'm used to it.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
To be honest, I don't blame people for not knowing what friendzoning is. That's probably the most moronic word invented tied with "shawty" and "YOLO", so who doesn't know it is doing themselves a favor.
Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Shrike - What I'm saying is the term was invented by and most commonly used by guys who expected sex for just for being nice, as if women were wrong to "friend zone" them. I'm not calling an excuse, I'm saying the whole reasoning behind it is horrible.

That it's caught on and everyone uses it doesn't change what it sprung from.

Eh, I don't think one interpretation of the phrase should mean the phrase as a whole should get a bad wrap. Even if it is contended that it's the most popular use.... which I think is something that needs to be proved. Especially considering that there's 7 billion people on the planet- variation is abundant.

Not to mention, ACT, I'm not so sure that is necessarily the context in why it was invented. I think its origin's or popularization's context had more to do with the idea of it being really hard to have a romantic relationship with a girl you've already become friends with, but maybe you could have had a chance if you made your intentions clear from the beginning. Granted, I haven't seen the episode of Friends that it supposedly coined the term in, so I'm just going off of summary. But anyway, I don't think they were blaming the girl in that context. There's also the fact that in the show they do get together, implying that the girl wasn't really all about hating the nice guy, or whatever, and the problem had more to do with not making your intentions clear.

Anyway, just in case it isn't clear, I completely agree that using the friendzone in the "girls don't like nice guys" context is stupid. Completely. It's really just semantics but whatev, I just kind of like the concept of the friend zone in the way I'm used to using it, that's all. =^p

Originally Posted by Eternal Solitude View Post
Um...does anyone know about my sensei (Stubborn Donkey)

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Couple of weeks later, she calls him and is all like "I found a great guy!" (the guys interpret this as "his dick is huge!").

Originally Posted by 01purple View Post
Friendzoning is retarded. If you like a chick fucking let her know or that's exactly where you'll be.
I think I might be able to "prove" otherwise through the use of LOGIC.

If the girl doesn't like you in that way, then regardless of whether or not you let her know you like her, you are likely to be in the friend zone. I say likely instead of definitely because she might magically like you if you ask her out, (which I think is kind of shallow if you not asking her out is enough to make her ignore your personality traits, but whatever). If she does like you in that way, and you let her know you like her, then you are not likely to be in the friend zone (no shit, right?). And, if she likes you and you don't let her know, then one of two things will probably happen: She makes her move on you (because she likes you), or she doesn't and she gets friend zoned. And then you are both in a friend zone equilibrium.

Now, don't misunderstand the point of my "proof." You asserted that if you don't let her know you'll be in the friend zone. What I'm saying is that isn't the only option, and what's more isn't the only logical option when all other scenarios are considered. If she does like you back, then it IS possible for you to get out of the friend zone, regardless of whether or not you tell her you like her. You might go with "girls don't want to ask guys out so it's more likely that you'll be in the friend zone." While there's probably something to that because of biology or whatever, I don't think this is necessarily true and don't think the biological context kicks in for this situation- in a situation where you two are friends and close with each other and she already likes you romantically.

I think that's more true when the friendship isn't established, and a girl and guy are meeting for the first time. It's then that it's unlikely for a girl to ask a guy out. But logically, if they are friends and are repeatedly exposed to each other, and the girl likes him romantically, the chances that she'll eventually break get higher and higher- or at least start becoming on equal ground with that of the guy, like with how the probability of life in the universe, despite being small, had a decent chance at happening due to the sheer amount of times (or high probability for) the potential chance to even happen, through the huge amount of planets or whatever. So with that in mind, the idea that the guy has to be one to move out of the friend zone isn't exactly true. Though I'm in no way defending those who are too much of a pussy to let the girl know their true feelings. In fact, the only meaningful definition of the friend zone in my eyes is when the two have already done so.

Also, regardless of how one feels about the friend zone, I think this video is pretty interesting to watch:

Edit: Fun fact for anyone who's interested in my name- I share the same first name as the guy who created (or is the primary host of) Vsauce.

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