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Re: SSJ God form.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
@ j_h: One Piece, although it did drop from what it was before the time-skip, the drop isn't the fucking dive Naruto and Bleach took. A recent bad chapter of One Piece is still equivalent to an average recent chapter of Naruto.

As for why nobody is resurrecting Dragonball storylines right now, it's both because the franchise already has a fair amount of tiredness and it's known Toriyama is fed up with it. And lastly, but not least, people who read manga and are going away from the ol' Big 3 will want something new, not something that has been recycled for 20+ years.
I don't know the validity and/or seriousness of what I'm about to tell you, but I know a guy who takes manga/comics even more seriously than KYF, and he was saying that (can't remember if it was Shonen or some other manga publication) was looking to buy the rights to Dragonball and hire another "big time" manga author like Kishi, Hiro, or Kubo to write another storyline arc or two. He was saying the project probably won't make jack-squat in Japan, but in the remaining large markets, apparently the business heads believe that this manga could out-do Naruto (and as much as it disgusts us, Naruto rakes in huge loads of $$$$$$ in the markets outside of Japan.... last I heard, it was the 2nd top selling comic/manga to Marvel in the U.S., and makes far more money than all Marvel and DC games and toys in the U.S.).
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