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Re: SSJ God form.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
The figures you posted earlier already take inflation into account.
Actually, those weren't... they were bottom line figures from what I remember reading from a convention by Toyota in Mississippi.

The hacks behind DB:E only paid the image rights as many doujinshi out there did too, they did NOT buy the rights of Dragonball like your friend claimed someone was trying to do. There's a world of difference there.

Also, shouldn't DB:E be evidence enough that the transition is more probable to fail and make no decent cash than the contrary?
I agree with you... it was a complete failure. With that said, it made $$$$. That's why I said $$$$ talks and bullsh!t walks. It's an appropriate phrase for this situation. Remember, you have to think of casual fans, not diehards.
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