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Re: SSJ God form.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Okay, although the difference is not that big from the numbers I know about.
Inflation has at least doubled in the U.S. since 9/11/2001. I remember when the first Dragonball Z Budokai PS1 game cost a measly $29.99 brand new. The new Budokai game is expected to be released @ $59.99 in the U.S. market, with many gaming experts predicting the new gen console games to be an extra $10-$20 brand new.

No, it didn't. It barely recovered the money that was spent on that travesty. I'll be damned if that's considered making the dollar.
Depending on who your source is, the figures thrown out about how much it cost to make the movie ranged from $30-$100 Million. I do agree that no producer/studio is going to say that it had to have a higher budget when the movie grossed such a small amount, but at the theater, the movie grossed over $57 Million. That's not including DVD sales, blu-ray sales, and rental rights. The shitty movie made money. Imagine what they will be able to do without the limitations of reality in a manga.

And don't underestimate the casual fans. Again, DB:E is proof that they're not the "anything eaters" people paint them to be (although some still are).

In summary, I'm not saying that's impossible for a Dragonball full-front revival in this day and age, but it's not as easy to pull as you seem to think. A lot of tact and sense of timing is crucial, along with needing the right tools to even attempt it.
I bolded that, because I do honestly agree with the vast majority of your statements in regard to this subject. And like I said, some of the info I have isn't concrete, and could be (probably is) speculation, but from what I've been told, there are several top people in the publishing world looking to possibly take on this... venture if Toriyama won't. I'm not saying it will make millions, but remember, Viz Media did try a spin-off graphic novel geared towards kids of the DB:Evolution movie.
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