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Re: Naruto 621

Originally Posted by Encon Uchiha View Post
Madara obviously. He has Hashirama powers within him so its really Madara+Hashirama vs. Hashirama.
Don't go on that...Cell had Goku's abilities but even Goku wasn't playing serious. Even at SS2 he wasn't a pushover. As he wanted to push and test Gohan. Hashi most likely still has an ace up his sleeve. I see the same in Hashirama, holding back his best and ultimate Jutsu. Holding back so much to test this current gen but also Naruto. Naruto has picked up his will of fire and has similar techs. We already saw how hesitant Hashi was facing his former friend. He wasn't going full power if until the very end. I would like to see oddly enough Madara take Hashi out to only make it so it's Naruto vs Madara. Madara hopefully will not be killed off by any other than Naruto or Sasuke. Otherwise what is the point of the Alliance? Obito being the main concern as he is Madara's way to being fully revived. Once he perishes Madara is pretty much done for. Shit knowing this manga...Madara will fade into the air as he gets a boner fighting Hashirama. Say some bullshit like even in death you never cease to amaze me. This is how you fight! and fade into the breeze lol. This is the former Kages time to shine but the attention will not be pulled from Naruto...hardly....
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