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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Hi Guys. Its been difficult to find time to write but finally managed to squueze some in. hopefully it reads well as i didn't really enjoy writing this one much, but hopefully once i get to the fights i have planned the pace will pick up little.

Bleach 526: Invasion

Scene opens up on a cave entrance on the side of a mountain. Ryuken stands at the entrance of the cave looking out. He has a half smoked cigarette in his hand. He looks at and sighs and then flicks it away. He half turns his head to look into the cave.

Ryuken: Come on boy, it’s time for us to make our move.

Inside the cave you see Uryuu sitting on a rock, he slowly stands and walks towards his father.

Uryuu: Where are we going?
Ryuken: …isn’t it obvious? It’s finally time to fulfil the last request made to us by the Captain Commander.

Ryuken disappears from the entrance of the cave, Uryuu looks on for a moment at where his father was standing and then himself disappears.

Scene Changes to Hueco Mundo

Juha Bach sits on his throne inside his ice Palace. His posture is relaxed though his expression does not look too happy. To his side his underling stands erect, he no longer bears any signs of injury from when Juha Bach struck him before.

Juha Bach:…
Underling: They’ve already reached soul society as per your wishes.
Juha Bach:…
Underling: With soul society all but unprotected they’ll attempt to take out the Zero Squad first.
Juha Bach:…
Underling: Even though the Zero squad is virtually an unknown it can be safe to assume that our men will all be defeated.
Juha Bach:…
Underling: However we should comfortably achieve our objective of winnowing them down and weakening them enough to be picked off by us later.
Juha Bach:…
Underling:…Bach Sama?

Suddenly Juha Bach releases a huge amount of Reiatsu. The whole place shakes and the underling is forced down to one knee by the pressure. His fist comes crashing down on his right arm rest, smashing it to pieces, as he roars.

Juha Bach: Where is he?!!!

Just as suddenly his reiatsu disappears and the room stops shaking. He leans back slightly on left armrest now seemingly even more relaxed than before and says in a calm voice.

Juha Bach: He should have arrived by now. I do not like to be kept waiting.

The underling slowly stands to his feet once again taking in deep breaths.

Underling: He may not have survived-
Juha Bach: No. If he had not survived, then the Zero squad would have acted by now. The fact that they haven’t means he is still alive.
Underling: ...If Kurosagi Ichigo has indeed survived, would they not most likely choose to strengthen their defences in soul society rather than-
Juha Bach: -Taking the defensive against us won’t work, they’ve already learnt that the hard way. No they will surely take the offensive and try a surprise counterattack and move the battle away from their precious soul society. The only question left to be answered is why he is not here already.
Underling: hmmm…

Juha Bach turns his head to stare at him with a questioning look.

Juha Bach: hmmm? That is the fastest you’ve ever given up on an argument. Have you become tired of playing the devil’s advocate already?!
Underling: Not tired, however it is certain that he has survived and their next moves will be predictable. And so it may be better to discuss whether we are prepared for when he does come?
Juha Bach: That – ?!

Suddenly high above the Palace a garganta opens up and something comes shooting down out of it. It shoots through the roof of the palace and crashes into the ground less than a 100 feet away from Juha Bach. The ground is completely torn up from the force of the impact with chunks of rock and debris lining the crater that has been formed and dust filling the air.
As the dust clears coughing can be heard from the crater.

Zaraki: f’ing b’ard

Zaraki pulls himself out of the crater and looks up towards the roof he just crashed through.

Zaraki: What the f’in hell are you playing at Ichigo!!!!

Ichigo suddenly appears standing next to Zaraki. He stands calm and straight looking at Juha Bach. His Voice is soft as he speaks.

Ichigo: Zaraki san, I told you, everything else can wait until we finish this. If we lose here, then everyone dies anyway. If you wish to settle your squabble personally, then make sure that you don’t lose here.

Zaraki looks at Ichigo for a moment before he starts to stretch and crack his neck.

Zaraki: Hmph, that old fart really did a number on you didn’t he? You’re no fun anymore.
Zaraki: Well I guess now that I’m here I have no choice, just make sure you give me a good fight once we get back and I might feel merciful.

The sound of someone clapping fills the air. Zaraki turns to see Juha Bach walking towards them clapping his hands together.

Juha Bach: Marvellous, so you have finally arrived. But to come alone, just the two of you? You may be two of the special war potentials but don’t you think you are underestimating us Kurosaki Ichigo.

Juha smiles a big open smile as he spreads his arms out wide. A menacing glint appears in his eye as he says.

Juha Bach: after all, have we not just turned your beloved soul society into a pile of rubble!!

Bach turns quickly to look behind him and grabs bare handed the blade of a sword coming out of his shadow just about to stab him in the back. He holds it there not allowing it move any further.

Juha Bach: Not that I really expected you to come alone, after all, you are on the verge of being wiped out so why hold back anymore.

Shunsui slowly rises out of Bach’s shadow holding his released swords. He strikes down at Juha’s hand with the sword in his left hand. A blinding light envelopes the whole room making everyone squint. As it fades Shunsui appears standing close to Ichigo, he is slightly singed with his cloak sizzling around the edges. In front of Juha Bach you see the wall opposite him blown apart leaving a massive gaping hole. Juha Bach turns around once more to face Ichigo with a smile on his face.

Juha Bach: Going for the decisive blow straightaway? Surely you didn’t think it would be that easy?
Shunsui: Well I was never one to drag things out…but I guess it can’t be helped.

Tremors suddenly shake the hall as explosions sound on the outside one after the other.

Juha Bach: So you didn’t come alone.
Shunsui: We did come to annihilate you after all, no point in holding back now since it’s the endgame.

Bach looks at Shunsui smiling and then begins laughing out loud.

Juha Bach: the endgame? Ha it has barely begun shinigami captain.But yes…let us truly begin the endgame as you say.

Bach holds out his arm, his palm open and facing towards Ichigo.

Juha Bach: *Sankt Swinger – Kui*!!

The ground around Ichigo erupts as he is encircled in towers of reishi shaped like the Quincy Cross. Ichigo stands there in its centre looking at it as Zaraki and Shunsui get pushed back by the force of it.

Juha Bach: Sankt Zwinger Kui, the devourer, is something I originally created for your Captain Commander. It was a needless precaution, however one it seems that won’t be completely fruitless.
Shunsui/Zaraki: …
Juha Bach: It is the ultimate defensive form of Sankt Zwinger that utilises any energy used against it to make itself stronger.

Juha Bach spreads his arms out wide either side. As he does so the whole hall is suddenly filled with hundreds of foot soldiers.

Juha Bach: Now stand there and watch helplessly as I destroy the last of your remaining hope!!

Next week 527: Hope

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