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Re: Naruto 621

Originally Posted by Encon Uchiha View Post
Goku never reached Super Saiyan 2 during the Cell Games, even he was suprised when Gohan went SS2. PLUS Cell had Goku's abilities BEFORE he went into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, so of course Goku might have had an ace up his sleeve since he upgraded since then. Theres no way Hashirama held back in the fight against Madara...And the opposite happened here. Madara is the one who upgraded since his fight with Hashi, not the other way around

Of course that will happen. Madara is stronger than Hashirama now.

I think he will fade after fighting Sasuke and seeing how Sasuke changed the Uchiha fate.

I think Naruto will take out Tobi & Sasuke will take out Madara.

lol i doubt Madara has that jutsu since it seems like its a Senju exclusive like how Susanoo are to Uchiha

You are right on one thing...yes Goku never went SS2..I forgot that what he did in front of Gohan was ascended Super Saiyan. It wasn't the bulky form that Trunks took on in Ultra Super Saiyan. So props there..been so long since I have read or seen DBZ. Madara only has the hashi skill sets due to Kabuto. Otherwise he would be as he was when he died...a pathetic shell of his former self. Yeah he was upgraded but do you think Hashi techs will work on Hashi? Also Hashi has seen all of what Madara has to offer. Both being Edo's I still don't see Madara with the advantage. It is like Tobirama said...They have fought against the Sharingan and Uchihas since forever. Everything else in your post are I that's your opinion....

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