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Re: Naruto_622

Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
Hey there boys and girls, what's happening here is called In Medias Res. The flashback started smack dab in the middle of the action before moving into the actual beginning of the flashback (and it will subsequently build up back into the action). This is a relatively common fucking thing. It's not inherently shitty writing, it's not actually badly paced at all yet.

Honestly, this makes Hashirama's peace-y bullshit so much more believable than Naruto's given the life he endured. It's like Kishi is purposefully writing all of Naruto's predecessors on the "peace" front to have much more compelling reasons for their Ninja Jesus crap than the main fucking character. Itachi, Pain, Jiraiya, now fucking Hashirama. They'd all seen actual suffering, they'd all endured a living hell. Not our plucky Ninja Jesus main character though! Really, this chapter mostly puts into perspective how goddamned petty both Naruto and Sasuke are for all their melodrama, given what their predecessors had to face.

You've got to be f'n kidding right? 18 pages that could have been summed up in two.... All you needed from this chapter was that both Hashi and Madara lost siblings when they were young, and Hashi was an idealist from about the time of Naruto's age when the manga was introduced.

And again... you must be kidding, especially your last paragraph. All of Naruto's predecessors witnessed pain and suffering. Naruto experienced the shit first-hand. Fuck, based on his life before he was acknowledged by the village, he was a textbook case for depression (everyone despised him; unknowingly his parents sacrificed themselves for his life, also creating the reason why he was despised by the village; and Sarutobi really f'ed him over by never really informing of him about his parents... fuck... it seems like Tsunade and Jiraya weren't going to do it either). You can make the same argument for Sasuke, finding out that your family was murdered and you were spared by your brother, who mind-fucked you into thinking he did it, all so you would become stronger and try to kill the motherfucker (Itachi's only downfall IMHO)????

Kishi is showing two alternatives of how to respond to horrendous events/upbringings (Naruto the positive way, Sasuke... not so much).

And on another note, seeing how Kishi shows instances of where Naruto's predecessors failed, and then Naruto quickly succeeding where they failed, this manga is coming to a close. Jiraya couldn't completely master senjutsu by himself and lost Orochimaru. Naruto has mastered senjutsu. Minato couldn't develop the rasengan further (same goes for Kakashi... he did state that his raikiri is different than the rasengan). Naruto has done that. And now Hashi is going to ultimately fail in battle with Madara in not killing his hatred. Naruto is going to win back Sasuke somehow. $100 says he does by headbutt (Gaara) or uppercut coming up from the ground (Neji).
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