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Re: Naruto_622

I enjoyed the wasn't what I was expecting but it shows more to their tale than what we knew. Madara had already lost three brothers. Hashi lost siblings as well. Hashi also had a tough spirited father. Who like Minato lived a life as a real Shinobi. He taught his kids through training love. Both sides Uchihas and Senju alike fought miserable wars that brought depression and short lived lives. So much that the children were placed on the battlefield. Hashi wanted to change that through an agreement. Madara wanted to change that with an Alliance. Though young both shinobi knew what it took to lead to a peaceful era. Even though they are unaware they are natural born enemies...they face their misery side by side with resolve. Yeah it could of been summed up in two pages but the emotion would not be there. Finally these two are on the same side of their pain...(river) and are forming bonds to change this hatred they were born into.
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