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Re: Naruto_622

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
And again... you must be kidding, especially your last paragraph. All of Naruto's predecessors witnessed pain and suffering. Naruto experienced the shit first-hand.
Small difference. Naruto's predecessors all grew up in times of war. Naruto did not.

Fuck, based on his life before he was acknowledged by the village, he was a textbook case for depression (everyone despised him; unknowingly his parents sacrificed themselves for his life, also creating the reason why he was despised by the village; and Sarutobi really f'ed him over by never really informing of him about his parents... fuck... it seems like Tsunade and Jiraya weren't going to do it either).
Welcome to junior high and high school for all of the "nerdy" kids, or anyone that doesn't belong in the "popular" groups. He wasn't being acknowledged by the other villagers? Big fucking deal. Hashirama/Jiraiya/Itachi/Nagato all witnessed people close to them getting killed. It fucked Itachi up so much that he turned to pacifism, or the other extreme of genocide, to maintain a semblance of peace. Naruto was too fucking young for even a repressed memory of his parents getting killed.

You can make the same argument for Sasuke, finding out that your family was murdered and you were spared by your brother, who mind-fucked you into thinking he did it, all so you would become stronger and try to kill the motherfucker (Itachi's only downfall IMHO)????
Another difference between Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke is old enough to have witnessed his parents being killed. And Itachi didn't mind rape Sasuke into thinking he did it, he fucking did it to keep the village safe. The reasons for it are the only things that were changed.
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