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Re: Naruto_622

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
Words fail me for how bad I think this chapter is. It's a little jarring when you build up a character to be some kind of sadistic, all-powerful psychopath and turns out he was a goofy little brat and matures rather quickly, in this case Madara. So, now Kishimoto has the fun task of explaining what makes Madara go all warpath on everybody while satisfying the fans (spoiler, explanation's gonna suck and only ardent fanboys are gonna eat that shit up). Hashirama... Not sure how to feel about that. I get that he's supposed to be real mature since kids are dying and all, but I can't help but think it's rushed. I think that's the problem with this flashback. It's trying to cover way too much ground. It'd be better if it took a Kakashi Gaiden route.
I agree with the sentiment that it's rushed, hence the complaining that it was put off for so long. For Madara I wouldn't be surprised if he and Hashirama both find out one another's surnames at the same time, probably in the context of a battle going on. Hashirama will continue to see Madara for the person, rather than as simply "the enemy" while Madara will be unable to forgive Hashirama for the pains the Senju have brought him blah blah boring shit.

Problem is, Kishimoto used in medias res in a poor manner. Personally, if I was going to pull this crap, I'd show a little of the Madara/Hashirama battle, probably up to the point where Kyuubi was covered with Susano'o, then have Hashirama go, "THIS REMINDS ME OF THAT ONE TIME" and then cut to the flashback. That way, when the kids are done talking like grown-ups, we can cut back to the battle of epic proportions and show the audience how much the characters are supposed to have grown between then and now.
I think Kishi was paying a price of decent writing for hype in the form of the Sage Buddha Thing. 621 could have easily transitioned to the childhood period at the lame "made it to the opposite shore" line. It probably would have been better for Hashirama having to resign himself to killing Madara after we saw them bonding over philosophical shit. What's done is done, not well, but could have been so much worse.

As it is, this flashback is just dragging its feet. Oh, so there's a third brother aaand look at that, he's crying and dead already because kids are teh suck at war! Oh, and the Uchiha killed him, faaantastic, not like we saw any of this coming. Just skip the bullshit and show us what we need to know and get back to Hashirama's explanation to Sasuke about whatever so we can carry on with this terrible manga.
At least the thing with Itama makes Hashirama's philosophical bullshit have more merit to it (and absolves him of being self-righteous as shit since we hadn't seen him really "lose" anyone where Madara had previously). The character was obviously the chapter's redshirt (for fuck's sake his hair was the intermediate between Hashirama and Tobirama, couldn't we be SLIGHTLY creative?), but the purpose was served.

As I was saying earlier, this is basically all building up to Hashirama explaining the "true essence" of the Will of Fire or some shit. Because it's going to be Itachi's "will of fire" passed down to Sasuke that inevitably makes him go full care-bear.

I'm slightly willing to forgive this because it's more chapters about the previous ninja wars and shit which were actually fucking interesting, unlike the FOURTH SHINOBI WAR's bullshit.
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