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Re: one piece 700


Loved it so much !

Called it in the last post about seeing the new roster of the Warlords ! Happy Buggy indeed made it in. Was it just me who was curious who might be the Seventh member ? The guy reading the paper said there was seven all in now. So anyone think it might be one of the Supernovas again ? I was thinking perhaps the ganstar like pirate might have made the cut. He has the power to make his body into a kinda castle ? If its not him then I would put my money on Drake.

So one of those two. Kidd looked awesome on hearing about Luffy/Law's alliance ! I think they all might hit Kaidou, a way to show us just how strong a Yonkou really is, you know 5 of the Supernovas to Vs 1. Anyone think that Bonney might join or meet up with Law and Luffy ?

Now one of my questions about DF's has been answered, After a user dies what happens to there fruits ? So now that Ace Fruit is back it is 'up for grabs' so to speak. Do you think anyone in the SH Crew will get it ? I would like to see one of them eat it heck maybe even Sanji giving his Diamble Jamble it would make him so much stronger.The only downside his moving under water feat would be sorta ruined. I agree with Dag on that I dont want Luffy to eat it, if nobody eats it and they try to keep it for 'safe keeping' thats fine but either one of the SH's eats it ( minus Luffy, Robin and Chopper ofc ) and I'll be ok with it. Dont want Luffy to seem like a BB here, it would just make the Yami Yami fruit seem a little lame if other fruit users can just eat a second one.

The new marine dude was that an Admiral ? Cause I thought he was a Commodore ?

I like how Donflamingo head guys are continuing the Card like style each of there chairs relating to a Card Family ( Heart, Club etc )
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