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Re: one piece 700

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
Capone....I am unsure if I want Sanji to eat a DF. As he right now one of the regular guys just with haki. I also enjoy the Sh's as they are...I know i want Luffy to eat his brothers fruit..but that is a personal joy for me...I kinda want Ussop, Nami, Zoro and Sanji to remain as they are. SH's already have enough DF users...and a damn SUPER ROBOT! I think Bonney will meet the SH's and have a little dance. Her escaping also I am sure she will drop some beans on the WG...furthermore Akainu....Not to forget Ajioki is also making moves as well...
Thanks I knew it was like Capone, thought maybe Al Capone but anyway. I understand and agree with what you have said about the SH's and Powers wise but I just think if a SH member was to get the fruit that Sanji would benefit it more given his abilities right now to produce flames on his own, wouldnt this be a kinda next step for him ? I'd be fine if none of them get it in the long run but I just like the idea. I'm still a little torn about Luffy eating the Mera Mera fruit as I said above.
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