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Re: Bleach 528

Originally Posted by KingZER0 View Post
kael for once i agree 100% with you, i have noticed a pattern and apocalypz and neokakkarot are true haters of bleach, they only want to bash, maybe they are mad that bleach does not suck as much as their favorite manga lol.

This should be interesting build up for the hell-storm that is to come when the battle with the quincy takes place.

And on another note now that we know that ichigos mom last name was kurosaki we know shes not directly related(sister) to the Uryuu or Ryuken, unless Ryuken also took his wifes last name lol i doubt that.
haterz of bleach? I guess you're assuming Naruto is my favorite manga..actually it is not....Magi, One Piece, D Gray Man, Berserk, Naruto and Claymore are my top favs....

I used to enjoy Bleach when it was consistent and made sense.....

My issue with this chapter I have already stated...
Not to defend someone else but Neo hasn't even said anything ....

Dude for someone who has made fourteen have not noticed anything....

There are characters I still enjoy and love to see...and there are things I am still awaiting to transpire...but you can defend bleach all you like..If you enjoyed the war arc and what has happened since...then lol that is on you...If you think it all was superb writing..that is your choice....I chew out Naruto, Bleach and even the few times Oda has given us a bad One Piece chapter. You make it out like I target this manga on a weekly basis...

Though to you I am a true sure dude get a grip....and STFU....

as I said earlier as people said of Naruto this week....this chapter could of been summed up in like three pages...
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