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Re: one piece 700

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
This will be the SHs first real fight in the NW, an all out brawl. We will see them push to their limit soon, so there will be plenty of Haki.
As Dag said in a sence this is the Enies Lobby arc of New World. This is were we will see the results of there training really come out. The Fishman Island was nothing but a teaser for this. This is the first major opponent, and given each time the SH crew fight against a Warlord its always an awesome fights so cant wait for it.I expect some flashbacks to the during the timeskip for each member of course to show just a bit of what they got up to.

Zoro is no way getting the Mera Mera fruit just no chance. If it was anyone in the SH crew my money is on Sanji and Luffy (( Although not big on him )) but only time will tell.
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