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Re: Bleach 528

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Really, you have proof that Ishiin did not fake his death, really kubo... Come on!
I'm not saying he didn't. I'm saying he wasn't the 10th Division captain.

There is no one else ishiin could have been
Except the manga, and mangaka, stated otherwise. Shunsui said the former 10th division captain was killed in battle. The databook, written by Kubo, stated that the captain spot was vacant from the Turn Back the Pendulum arc to the point that Toshiro took over.

and with ishiin high levl of power... Him simply going missing would be big news don't you think... No, you clearly did not think...
I go where the manga points. The facts state that Isshin is not the former 10th division captain.

All you do is complain about me missing logic and facts...
I don't complain about you missing logic and facts. I flat out state that you ignore logic and facts for your own twisted ideals.

Not you horrifically misinterpreting them to fit your Preconceived notion.
Right, I'm "horribly misinterpreting" manga panels that say "the 10th division captain met an untimely demise" and databook pages that state "seat was vacant for some time until Toshiro stepped in" because I have some preconceived notion that everything you say is wrong.

Protip: it's not preconceived when there is basis for it. My posts to you are not simply ad hominen because of feelings. I try to keep ad hominen out of my responses.
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