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Re: Bleach 528

I love watching children bicker, fuss, and fight...

There are only a few things known about Isshin that are actually factual:
1. Isshin was/is captain level
2. He was defeated by some entity that was warded off or defeated by Masaki.

For the use of logic to be conclusive, all of the parameters must be known. In this particular case, they are not. And if anything, will probably show up to be Kubo's biggest plothole.

Isshin knew of the final Getsuga Tenshou. So either he experienced it himself, or he was shown/trained by a master the move. This instant alone is open to much speculation. Then there is the fact that something (probably a hollow) defeated Isshin to the point of almost dying, yet Masaki saved Isshin. Ironic that then a Hollow kills Masaki, and later Isshin avenged her.

My hypothesis:
Based on the scene we just witnessed, Isshin used the final Getsuga Tenshou, thus draining him of all of his reiatsu, and just before he was finished off, Masaki made the save. Then somehow, Masaki, Yoruichi, Urahara, and Uryuu's dad give him part of their reiatsu, therefore his shinigami powers returned.

I do want to say, when comparing Naruto and Bleach, Urahara is possibly the baddest motherfucker in both mangas.
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