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Re: Naruto_622

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
Words fail me for how bad I think this chapter is. It's a little jarring when you build up a character to be some kind of sadistic, all-powerful psychopath and turns out he was a goofy little brat and matures rather quickly, in this case Madara. So, now Kishimoto has the fun task of explaining what makes Madara go all warpath on everybody while satisfying the fans (spoiler, explanation's gonna suck and only ardent fanboys are gonna eat that shit up). Hashirama... Not sure how to feel about that. I get that he's supposed to be real mature since kids are dying and all, but I can't help but think it's rushed. I think that's the problem with this flashback. It's trying to cover way too much ground. It'd be better if it took a Kakashi Gaiden route.
Actually, he doesn't. We've been told very recently by the dead Hokages that the Sharingan, as it is used and higher levels are activated, poisons the mind of the user, turning them into beings of hate. They have to seal off their "Love" or some shit like that - I'd prefer to think of it as traumatic events that scar the user, unlocking power but making them more dead inside.

In any case, we will soon be told taht Madara and Hashirama contrive a plot to bring piece by rising to the tops of their clans and uniting them into the Village of Konoha. Boom, peace... except that to do so Madara has to take the eyes of his brother and that sacrifice eventually poisons him into the evil bastard that he now is.

Of course, that completely ignores the earlier chapters that said these two fought each other countless times and that some level of animosity existed between them... which clearly isn't the case. They're both saying the same thing and look like about to be friends. So, revisionist history, I guess. We'll see.

Anyway, upcoming bullshit of Madara's brother giving him the eyes to attain peace rather than taking them to attain power.
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