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Re: Bleach 528

Originally Posted by KingZER0 View Post
i have not assume what your favorite manga is, but i have notice you defend naruto chapters that suck, which i find peculiar behavior and telling someone to stfu because they hit a sore spot lol.

and to kakarot all i hear from your post week in and out is hate and dis, even the best of bleach chapters are not that great for your standards.

its a great thing that you are writing your own manga kudos to you, but also know that many reviewers of movies books and mangas that are working on their own material disrespect decent or passable material claiming theirs is or could be better while in reality they are amateurs at the moment and need more time to improve themselves. Truth is their material is published at the moment yours is not...
Wow talk about contradictions....I guess I hit a sore spot with your sappy ass. I said this weeks bleach was an utter waste...You go on to say Naruto sucks...did I berate your opinion? That is your fucking opinion. Yeah Shut the Fuck Up..not because you hit a sore spot on my nails..simply I hate reading your pathetic attempts at making sense. You are trying to have an opinion battle...why? Yeah personally Naruto has had better chapters recently than Bleach..At one point Bleach did pick up some steam. The whole introduction to Juha Bach was kinda intriguing..but Kishi trashed that immediately by off paneling Kenpachi...then Unohana was forced to stay she was not to join the many people died? Though this bitch can bring back Kenpachi over and over again and end up not even saving herself against his blade....??? Or even how about useful tools such as the Bount Mod Souls...where the fuck have they been? I am sure Nova's abilities could of been useful at some point now....No fuck all that how about Yama....the guy who was so big and bad ass he fought some fodder without realizing it and got his ass handed to him..but that is not what is in question..if he was such a bad ass..why couldn't he drop Aizen in a mere second back in Kakura (spl) town arc? Waste! I second Neo's comment about GIN....for the longest time (watched this today) I was asking myself what is this guy gonna do...he is such a snake....Kubo actually gives Gin balls and puts him against Aizen...Kubo reveals everything about him and his bankai within like one minute....then guess what...the character who to me had so much killed....I ain't even gonna touch on the Final Getsugatensho form of about utter bullshit....Now it has been 17+ months since Aizen... Ichigo is finally hearing from Isshin about his roots.. Terrible timing on Isshin's part.....Karin works part time with Urahara but Ichigo hasn't even had that talk with his sister....When it comes down to Naruto at times Ichigo is a bitch! Plain and simple....Man the fuck up and be a Boss like you are made out to be. He was captain level back when he invaded SS....He is every entity that has been introduced in this manga beside Bounts.....
Shit Naruto has rasengans but at least he has variations....Ichigo has....Heavens Fang ....that is it....Kubo could of at least given him a little training in Kido..anyway I am tired of picking apart this awesome manga..can't wait to watch the new anime/movie and play the recent game.....oh wait they don't have any at this time.... Fuck Naruto and Bleach....both are on their last legs..
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