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Re: 623 predictions/spoilers

Suddenly Sejuu brothers as well as Uchiha brothers realize what just happened as they look around where was peacfull place, with flowing river, but now many dead, half-dead, burnt bodies are scattered around, some being impaled by earth spikes, with some of dead bodies now being brought by flowing river with blood scattered around all place. Kid Madara and kid Izuna slowly calm down as they look with sadness while kid Hashirama and kid Tobirama looks with sadness mixed with sorrow.

kid Madara and Kid Izuna: The war reached this place it seems, nowhere you can find peace it seems...

kid Hashirama and kid Tobirama: this sight of death, this is so common that this is part of every shinobi life...

kid Tobirama: I will find way to avoid our shinobi die, if I could use dead ones...

kid Hashirama: Tobirama !, forget it, I don't let you. Noone can disturb peace of dead ones, without depending on reason.

kid Tobirama: ehh... Hashirama

kid Hashirama(look at Madara): I wonder what they are thinking about *I have enough about sight of death see everywhere I come...*

kid Madara(look at Hashirama): Hashirama, this world is horrible, I will help you find way to stop these wars...

kid Izuna: I will help too, but it won't be easy

kid Tobirama: you can count on me, brother

kid Hashirama(smiles): hehe *maybe we aren't different from each other, maybe one day everyone could understand each other, as we understand each other with Madara and Izuna ?!*

everyone: ?!

Suddenly rain of shuriken comes from one of tree's at kid Madara and Kid Izuna, who barerly avoid life threatening injures thanks to their great speeds, but still they get their cheeks cut, and some cuts on their arms as well as legs. As kid Madara and kid Izuna spot some shuriken has explosive notes connected to shurikens. Powerfull explosion occur close to kid Madara and kid Izuna, who barerly avoid it in time, then cloud of smoke cover them completly from explosion. kid Madara and kid Izuna didn't have time to realize what just happened as someone appear from above them and try to cut them with swords. Kid Hashirama and Kid Tobirama looks schocked as they try to rush to help their friends, but suddenly are stopped by familiar voice.

Kid Hashirama: let's help them !

kid Tobirama: yeah !

????? ???????? ??????: Stand Back Hashirama, Tobirama !

kid Hashirama: father ?!

kid Tobirama: father ?!

Senjuu brothers's father(turn back where kid madara and kid Izuna was hit): they are our enemy, if I you didn't recognize them, then you are fool, Hashirama, Tobirama

kid Hashirama, kid Tobirama: ...

Senjuu brothers's father: there is no doubt this two are from...

Smoke slowly scatter revealing kid Madara and kid Izuna with their both eyes being red with three tomoe in them, while some dust falling down on ground yet.

Senjuu brothers's father: that eyes ?!, sharingan ! *they are so young and they have already three tomoe sharingan..., I can't let them live*

Kid Madara and Kid Izuna are shown a little panting with three tomoe sharingan activated, kid Madara calm down with sharingan on, while kid Izuna is still litte panting as he disactivate sharingan. Suddenly Senjuu brother's father take off at great speed using sunshin to appear in blur before as he is about to cut them with his katana.

Kid Madara(spot Senjuu symbol on his crest ): shit ! *wait, Hashirama and Tobirama just called him father, could they be *

Kid Izuna(spot Senjuu symbol on his crest ): He is Senjuu, as well as them !

Senjuu brothers's father: Die !

Suddenly another blur appear at great speed, as he clash his own katana with Senjuu brothers's father, with three tomoe sharingan active as he stares at his enemy with madness. This new man has black spiky hair, has black armor covering him with Uchiha symbol on crest. Both man try to overpower each other, cause them to jump away from themselves safely on their feet.

kid Madara, kid Izuna: Father ?!

Uchiha brothers's Father: I don't let you kill my children Hamarama !

Senjuu brothers's Father: I can't them live, Hatori !

Senjuu brothers's Father(turns to them): Hashirama, Tobirama, go away, we will talk later about it !

kid Hashirama, kid Tobirama: Father ?!

Uchiha brothers's Father(turns to them): Madara, Izuna what did you do here with Senjuu ?! *look at confusion on Madara and Izuna face's* not important we will talk later, now go away !

Kid Madara and kid Izuna(still being in shock): but Father...

Uchiha brothers's Father: I said you to go home !

Suddenly more shinobi appear on both sides, revealing Uchiha clan and Senjuu Clan. Suddenly
As both femine voices are heard from both sides.

?????? ????????? ??????: Madara, Izuna, listen yo your father and stand back !

?????? ????????? ??????: Hashirama, Tobirama, do as your father ordered !

Kid Madara, kid Izuna, kid Hashirama, Kid Tobirama: Mother !

Finally along Uchiha clan consisting of many womans and men, with almost all of them with sharingan on Madara's and Izuna's mother is shown, as pretty woman, with good shapes, with long black hair in armor, while along Senjuu clan cosisting of many womans and men, Hashirama and Tobirama's mother is shown, as pretty woman with good shapes with long bronze hair falling down to her torso.

Hashirama(lower his head with disbelief): since then everything went wrong....

Tobirama(stoic expression with little sadness mixed): we became enemies !

Senjuu clan face off Uchiha clan !


Sorry for typing or grammar mistakes ;/, I tried my best.

I hope you enjoy reading this
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