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Re: Naruto_622

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
It wasn't the atrociousness of the how the fuck was Obito able to do what he fucking did to an Anbu Corps as well as Minato in the span of 3 fucking years
It's called an incredibly overpowered MS and Obito never landed a single blow against Minato.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
602 has another (Madara awakening the Rinnegan after Nagato supposedly had it implanted).
It's stated that Madara had already awakened the Rinnegan and left them to Nagato in that chapter. That's a far cry from Madara having his Rinnegan then when Nagato should've had it.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Chapter 599 ALONE it had 3 instances of the timeline being utterly broken (Minato being on the Hokage Mountain before becoming Hokage, Kakashi and Obito being on the same Chuunin Exam and Anko being at the same time)
Oh, definitely, but those problems are independent from the reveal of Tobi being Obito itself.

I chalked up the Hokage Mountain issue to a simple drawing mistake on Kishi's part. Kakashi's graduation and promotion ages were retconned, but I had no qualms with it as it never made sense considering his teammates. You're initially required to take the exam alongside your teammates unless there are special circumstances. For Kakashi to wind up teamed with Obito and Rin, they'd have to have graduated the academy together.

Anko's only two years younger than Kakashi and I wouldn't put it Orochimaru doing something like that to test his students.
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