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Re: Naruto_622

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Does that mean we shouldn't care whenever Kishi decides to retcon something?
While in the past I'd agree with you, ever since Kishimoto started to write this war arc he retcons his timeline with unreasonable frequency. It's not that I'm giving a free pass to his mistakes, but the timeline is so defaced at this point that I think even Kishimoto himself doesn't think about it outside of "x happened in y generation", even if some mathematics are off.

So Madara having a similar personality to Naruto wasn't done in this chapter?
Now every kid with a bratty attitude is Naruto? I didn't read any Naruto in Madara, in a matter of fact he reminded me more of Sasuke before the massacre which I believe was Kishimoto's intention to parallel the two main protagonists.

Madara & Izuna were shown to be of similar age & grew into the ranks of Uchiha together. There's no reason why we should assume that he wasn't a shinobi during this time.
I didn't say I was assuming he wasn't a shinobi during this time, I said it was unknown. I'm giving the benefit of doubt on this one, since Kishimoto could either retcon yet again or he didn't want to write right now about Izuna. Hell, there's a chance of Kishi plain forgetting Izuna for this flashback. So instead of already sounding the trumps of war, just wait until Izuna makes (or not) an appearance.

We should have seen him already which is my point.
And I agree. You seem to be running under the assumption I'm considering this chapter flawless. It's not flawless, it still has various of Kishi's common hiccups. However, even though I'm critical of Kishimoto's recent writing hackery, I won't concur with the notion of this chapter being bad. Of course it'd be mediocre in some other manga, but on this one the quality of this chapter is clearly superior to your average one.

Goodies like what exactly? Completely ripping off of Basilisk's plot? The Senju are the Kouga while the Uchiha are the Iga. & Yes that is me implying that Hashirama is Gennosuke while Madara is Oboro.

PS: Encase anyone doesn't get the reference read/watch Basilisk & you'll notice that the Hashirama/Madara meeting is a clear copy of how Gennosuke & Oboro met. They're even by a river for crying out loud lmao.
You do realize that the copy/paste makes the chapter lazy, but not bad or good by that standard itself, right?

Bottom line, could it be better? Hell yes! Was it badly written? Hell no!

Ummm no just no. Two chapters ago was a better chapter than this. You know right before they actually started this bullshit flashback?
I say the same: no, just no. By no means 620 was a bad chapter, it was fairly decent, but there was actual characterization on this one, which already makes it better than 620.

It's stated that Madara had already awakened the Rinnegan and left them to Nagato in that chapter. That's a far cry from Madara having his Rinnegan then when Nagato should've had it.
Someone's forgetting Kishimoto showed Madara looking the fucking same as the flashback on an event that was supposed to happen two decades prior. But who cares when you can do apologetics over it?!

Oh, definitely, but those problems are independent from the reveal of Tobi being Obito itself.
What? Are you fucking serious or you're just that intellectually dishonest? They happened because Tobi is Obito, if he was another character they could or not happen or other mistakes could or not happen in their place. But to deny their link to what spawned them in the first place is either denial or idiocy.

I chalked up the Hokage Mountain issue to a simple drawing mistake on Kishi's part.
Because you couldn't admit Kishimoto made that mistake and you argued he simply started drawing a whole goddamn face on the basis of "whoops" (making it not a drawing mistake, but rather a plain mistake). At least Kishimoto admitted he forgot about how it was supposed to be and apologized for it in a later magazine, but the damage was done by other timeline bends.

At the rest, what it ought to be =/= what it is, so don't fall for a nirvana fallacy. It was a retcon and the timeline is a mess, fact's simple.
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