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Re: one piece 700

Great chapter with tons of information. Sorry to get to posting a little late into the discussion. Have a few thoughts/theories to put out there.

1. Chapter was titled "His Pace". Luffy was caught in DD's "Pace", and it was stated that was a special ability of his. Do you think it is related to his DF? Possibly connecting the string ability with suggestion? Perhaps his DF could be titled something like the "Puppet Master Fruit". Also it was noted that his nick name was "Sky Demon" in the MS version, and there was the reference DD made back during PH that the "Sky Road" was blocked from him. What's the connection there? Perhaps it is a nickname based on his ability just like at the end of PH where he came in swooping down on the marines from out of nowhere.

2. Have an interesting thought on a connection between Kid's Alliance being outed to the media, and Ace's Devil Fruit. This may be way out there, but I'll try to connect the dots. Noticed throughout the PH arc that there were several cut scenes showing the underworld watching CC's experiment. In some of the cut scenes we see Kid and his right hand man Killer watching. Later we see Killer watching the end of the fight with CC on the video monitor by himself. Also Killer is one of the outside important characters on the cover Shrike posted above with Akainu. This is my prediction: Killer is undercover with the Kidd pirates as a member of the revolutionaries and second prediction, is he is the adult Sabo. I know, that is a crazy idea. But hey, would be quite a cool idea. Many think Sabo was saved by Dragon, so it would make since that he became a revolutionary. Could see Dragon planting spies in pirate crews just like with Kuma, and Sabo always wanted to be a pirate. Sabo's fighting style in the flashbacks was always skilled for a kid, so I could see that style of fighting growing into the Killer persona. Also Killer has the mask hiding his face, and the hair color is similar. Don't know, may be reaching on the Sabo part, but definitely think Killer is someone else besides just a member of Kid's crew. On Ace's DF, wouldn't that be cool if Sabo was still alive and Luffy gave him Ace's DF as a token of memory to their brother.

3. I think the new SH member will be the samurai that sacrificed himself to let Kinemon save Momo. Not sure if there is a meaning to the name Kanjurou, but that is my prediction. Kinemon and Momo will return to Wano since Momo is still a kid, but Kanjurou could fit the bill to continue on with the Straw Hats. Anywho, will have to see what he is like.

4. According to the MS version, Law stated that he has never been to Dressrosa. If that is true, then that would nix the idea of him being in the Heart chair. Not too sure though, would make more since for that to be his chair since he has the "Heart Pirates" and one of his signature moves is stealing people's hearts.

5. Sorry for the many thoughts/predictions. Last one. Noticed that Oda has been name dropping islands lately. Feel like he is really planning ahead. We have Dressrosa now, Wano afterwards, and then Kinemon and Law mentioned a new island named Zou where Law's crew is. Wonder what section/island Kaido will show up in since it is pretty clear that DD is the bad guy for the next arc in Dressrosa.

So much info and possibilities with chapter 700, love to guess ahead.
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