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Re: Bleach 528

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
Ok, here's the thing I'm trying to point out. Each of the Zero Squad members were picked due to their strength and abilities, meaning they already had these skills prior to being accepted the Zero Squad, and not after. So the medical guy most likely already invented his healing hot tub while he was still in SS and just made another one when he got transferred, and thus Urahara copied it while the dude was still in SS.

A perfect example of this, is the huge training room in SS where Ichigo did his Bankai training. Urahara made that shit when he was still a shinigami right? Well after he ran from SS he made another room underneath his store in Karakura Town, based of that design. See what I mean?
I just want to start out with I get everything you're saying... it is a valid possibility. But I do have a problem with it. That would mean that his hot spring is still in SS, and no one has located it... or it hasn't been mentioned (which if this is the case, then it's great trolling/shitty writing by Kubo). Because if that is the case... dude is a monster healer... Unahono basically loses all relevance as a healer... just rinse, lather, and repeat in the hot springs. His is actually better because it apparently heals both physical wounds and reiatsu wounds (I think Unahono only does physical wounds).

I just guess the creative writer in me wants loose ends tied up... and to figure out how to make the story the best it can be. Whichever direction Kubo goes, hopefully he does that.
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