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Re: Bleach 528

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
I'm going to assume "before" = "after" and this would be false. My own timeline is a little off. Rukia was sent to the human world ~40 years after she was adopted into the Kuchiki family/placed in the 13th division (she automatically graduated and was placed as soon as she was adopted). Kaien was killed somewhere in that time frame.
Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Is that supposed to be a rebuttal? Because you quoted the bleach wiki that stated exactly what I said.
Naw...I said the Ryoka invasion was over 100 years before Kaien became Lieutenant ...and you said this to be false...

The point of all this was to tie in Isshin and his timeline. I am not comprehending him losing most of his powers 20 years ago before the start of the story. 10 years prior he encountered an imperfect Arrancar? So within like 35-37 years he got his powers back somehow. Why did he need to learn the final GT? Could it be assumed Grand Fisher was the one that possibly weakened him as well killed off Masaki? (Isshin to Urahara)"The thing that I have not been able to get over during the last twenty years is that I was unable to save Masaki that night." To further complicate things...Rukia doesn't even recognize him as a former captain. Even though she was apart of SS 13 Gotei as well during the same time. Kaien became Lieutenant 110 years ago, Urahara I believe became Captain around 110 years ago via Yoruichi's recommendation. After Urahara and Yoruichi abandon their posts as captains. I am not trying to assume, but being how Ganju hated Shinigami's and the timeline of Kaien's death I would assume Isshin had been Captain already. He was not shown to be a captain during Urahara's initiation. Why would Isshin become a Shinigami/Captain after Kaien had been killed by a Shinigami and his Nobility cut off? Then during his time as a captain he is sent to the defeated possibly by the same imperfect Arrancar he meets 10 years later. Possibly tries to unlock his final mode so he can beat this mock arrancar...and we are back to where we started???

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