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Re: Naruto_622

I haven't played Yu-Gi-Oh for ages, but I don't see why Sangan needed to be banned.

And, like others said, it's implied the teams in the Chuunin Exams don't necessarily have to correspond to the Genin teams, so your argument, EoJ, is moot. Now for specific quotes:



That page? Because I sincerely doubt there's a two decade gap there. Yahiko still being alive, Nagato looking about Naruto's age and Obito only being about 13-14.
Then you fail at math. Nagato was 41+ when he died, Obito is 31. So when Obito was 13~14, Nagato was 23~24, meaning he had the Rinnegan for almost two decades, hence why the image of Madara being time-warpy. I know Kishimoto isn't perfect at portraying ages, but this is just ludicrous.

That happened because Kishi sometimes can be a bad writer who forgets his own continuity and has to retcon previous fuck ups.
My god, your apologetics are eating away your brain, it can only be. What previous fuck ups? Kakashi being particularly young when promoted to Chuunin and way before his teammates? Shikamaru also was promoted before his teammates and that didn't stop him from being on the same team, it only gave him leadership rights and flexibility on teams. I do concede Kakashi's age as contrived, but it's not a continuity fuck up to be retconned.

This goes with what you say later of "ought to be= what it is": that's only your opinion. People can argue the child soldier aspect of the manga and tell you Kakashi's age reflects that aspect with slight exaggeration. So, yet again, it's not a case of the mangaka fucking up previously and now needing a retcon, it's you running on a nirvana fallacy when the mangaka retcons the timeline without really needing it.

PS: you saying Kishimoto is a bad writer and keeping defending his writing when it's atrocious (and not when it's actually good) is deliciously ironic.


Kishi doesn't give a shit. Naruto is a cash cow manga after all.
I agree. That's why I no longer question the timeline, unless some idiot thinks it is somehow virgin of fuckery by the author.

I just think even the slightest showing would have been better than nothing. Like Izuna coming to the river to retrieve Madara because a battle is starting soon.
And I agree, despite what you seem to think. I'm just waiting to criticize when it really needs to be criticized. As of now, it's more of a disappointment than a proper failure.

At the rest, I think it's more about your expectations being a tad too high for the manga. I learned the hard way to properly place the expectations: waiting to just see crap. So by Cthlhu I'll grab to what's not crap in this manga, and this chapter just makes me think Kishimoto still has some semblance of his Part I self somewhere deep in his hackery and executive meddling.


Everything you posted, just...

Words fail me to properly express how you don't know what a proper character is, how you don't know when strategy and wit end and pew-pew-pew starts, how you simply miss the point of how friendship is portrayed and start ranting about non-sequitur rationalizations, and how you can't distinguish between dragging and boring.

Oh wait, I guess the words did appear. Will you look at that!

PS: don't be cynic. I'm not stupid to not notice your ad hominem, so stop backpedaling like a pussy. And grab a goddamn book and learn the difference between satire and slander.
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