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Re: Bleach 528

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
This is shown when Urahara approached and asked "How does it feel to take the form of a shinigami that you abandoned 20 years ago?"

So, to sum it up. Timeline = 20 years before the series (5 years before Ichigo is born (not all couples have kids immediately after getting married)) Isshin loses his powers through unknown means (assumed to be Final Getsuga Tensho, not confirmed) after meeting/being saved by Masaki.

-Leaves 7th division, since we don't know when Komamura took the spot after Love was exiled.
First... thanks for finding that page kael. I remembered Urahara had said something of that nature, just couldn't remember how long it was, and where to find it.

So if Kubo is going to follow his databook, Isshin was either the 7th Division Captain or part of the Zero squad (Unless Kubo does a fuck up and has him in the 10th division).
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