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Re: Fairy tail 321

Originally Posted by killerrabbit9 View Post
Funny how the same guys who complain about other mangas dragging on complain about a manga keeping things moving for change. I understand your objections are more about the methods used to speed things up. But still its nice to be able to finish a battle in two chapters once in awhile rather than 10 every time. Also you guys need to lower expectations, somebody said Mashiama doesn't give a shit about Fairy Tail anymore as he's working on a new Manga.
I'm not as upset about this manga as others, but I can understand their frustrations. And it makes sense kinda in regards to Hiro having a new story to work on. But in terms of worldwide gross profits, presently... Fairy Tail is in the top 5.

But from my viewpoint, Fairy Tail still has a long way to go to get to Naruto ineptness. At least Hiro has maintained the mantra of nakama power from the very beginning.
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