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Re: Bleach 528

Originally Posted by Gamabunta View Post
J_H, you should already know that basing your merit just on flicking aizen alone is not enough. If you take into account Aizen was at his limit of shinigami due to numerous battle beforehand too and also what happen next with urohara coming into the mix makes it impossible to gave him all the credits alone. Furthermore, why is Aizen set as the bar for entry to zero squad.

Anyway, my question was because its stated that all the members of the Royal Guard, were people acknowledged by the Soul King to have made significant contributions to the history of Soul Society. Thus wondering if i miss something there in regards to Isshin cause i skipped pages when reading bleach.

Edit: Read Kael posts. I understood he was dismissing the possibility of Isshin being the 10th Captain but not crediting the possibility of him being in the zero squad.
As I've already posted, based on the evidence kael brought forth, there are basically two options as to which position Isshin held as a shinigami: a) 7th division captain or b) Zero squad. There is a third option, but it opens a can of worms, that's basically Kubo saying "fuck it".

Also, based on the evidence kael provided (once again, thanks for finding that page) shows that Urahara knew that Isshin was a shinigami 20 years ago during the conclusion of the Aizen arc. But Isshin was nowhere to be seen during the Pendulum arc. That's 80 years with no Isshin. We also know Isshin wasn't a substitute shinigami, because there have only been two, Ginjo and Ichigo. Where was Isshin during that time, because he wasn't with Masaki (she's human)? But we know that Aizen knew of Isshin to be a shinigami, as well as of Masaki being a quincy (heavily inferred during Aizen's last fight with Ichigo).

And then you bring up the quality of what entitles a shinigami to be a part of Zero squad. Until we see the other two Zero squad members power/quality that they brought forth for shinigami, that's poor writing by Kubo (1st guy was probably the best healer, 1st girl replenished reiatsu {really... c'mon}, 2nd guy created zanpaktou {the 1st viable person to fit this measure in all honesty}), we know that Isshin is a healer (doctor) and has developed the maneuver in which the shinigami and zanpaktou become one entity (based on the ones seen so far, this would be the 2nd best imo, because I would consider it an improvement/continuation/piggyback off of the zanpaktou creator).

Granted there are a lot of unknowns, and I'm not saying this is the definitive answer. What I'm saying is, right now, you can't discount it... you can't deny it. Keep an open mind. I'm just hoping that Kubo doesn't go shit on his product like Kishi did with Naruto.
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