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Re: Bleach 528

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Think it this way, with Aizen 'powered up' he was afraid of Yama, whom got owned by Juha Bach, whom would stand what kind of a chance from any of the Zero Squad from what we've seen? If Kenpachi could kill 3 in a subdued state, that means he was prolly operating on 20% of a Zero Squad member taking down those guys IMHO, or best guess. Do we think that Zero Squad Members could've gotten they're Bankai stolen? I don't either.
I'm not even going to get started on Yama, WW, and Aizen (Aizen's subordinate did neutralize Yama in that arc afterall). But about your statement of the Zero squad losing their bankai... you do realize from this point forward Isshin, Kenpachi, Urahara, and the Zero squad are all going to be benchmarks for Ichigo.
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