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Re: Bleach 528

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
You're showing that you have no idea what process of elimination is. kael's post reveals that the only two viable options for Isshin where what I've stated.
You don't know how to read question. I don't came here for timeline or elimination process. That's the fucking last few pages of the thread, you can go and quote those. Im not interested and not involved to begin with. Anyway i am looking for What you saw in Isshin(merits) to support the idea he's from zero squad, plus saying if Isshin is not from 10th div then he's must be in zero squad is a fallacy. Hope you get that straight now.

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
You also asked what was Isshin's contribution to become Zero squad. My answer was he developed a technique that allowed the shinigami and zanpaktou to essentially become one.

Isshin is not the protagonist of this story. Ichigo is. That's why Yama, Isshin, nor Urahara took down Aizen single-handedly themselves. It took Urahara placing a kido inside of Aizen and Ichigo pushing Aizen to that limit with his final Getsuga Tenshou. Yama never did jack-shit to Aizen, never. Hell, no one is SS did. The only people to show that they could go toe-to-toe with Aizen have been Urahara, Isshin, and Ichigo.

You keep asking me to prove that Isshin is Zero squad, you can't prove he isn't. Not until Kubo tells us. There has only been one manga that successfully crossed over to the western world that didn't have the father of the protagonist not be of higher/noble standing... and that's Dragonball.

And just so you know, a good writer doesn't give away the reveal until the right moment. It would have made zero sense to reveal that Isshin was from the Zero squad when he was fighting Aizen. The Zero squad hadn't been introduced (literally... and it would have been way out of place considering the events that followed). It would have been an orange in a bushel of apples.

Wow, if hes already in zero squad i would'nt asked for merits. And no there's no good writer only bad writer who reveals rubbish without links or making any sense to merits his reveals. Random shot = utter rubbish.

Edit: Thanks for answering my question in the second quote. Seems like all i got for now is this guy who is a captain that got his ass save by a quincy is probably in zero squad cause he developed a technique that make shinigami and the zanpakatou into one. But what about the guy who creates that zanpakatou stuff? Pretty strange he doesn't know this technique.

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