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Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
You know what's worse? Naruto will accomplish it by sheer luck. Even if flawed, Hashirama knew what had to be made and built a system from nothing. Naruto has no plan whatsoever and he's trying to fix something in the system that logically he can't fix, but he'll fix it with plot-induced stupidity from everyone else and by various factors that he has no control over:
  1. It was Obito who brought the shinobi nations together under the "common enemy" banner
  2. If Tobi wasn't Obito, Naruto wouldn't have material to work a TnJ on him.
  3. If Suigetsu and Juugo didn't, by dumb luck, grab that scroll, neither Naruto nor Sasuke would have anything as a possible counter against Madara.
  4. Naruto's oh-so-great lame speeches wouldn't even be if Neji didn't fell victim of a out-of-the-blue Lvl5 Death.
I'm ok with the shinobi nations being brought together as one against a "common enemy" regardless of who that enemy is. And I'm ok with the rest of list to a degree, as long as the protagonist is showing some competency.

Kishimoto really dropped the ball on Naruto and his pursuit for peace. And there are people who defend this shit, which is just appalling.
I just want to point this out for those that defend this manga till they are blue in the face.... we're not complaining about the actual story. We all know pretty much how this is going to end. Naruto is going to save the Narutoverse somehow. We're just upset with how it's being handled.

Dragonball will always hold a spot in my heart (because it was basically the first manga I read and anime I watched), but FMA: Brotherhood has been the best manga I have read period. The protagonists were not dumb asses. They were very intellectual while showing grit and perseverance. You knew how the story was going to end, but not exactly how. That storyline was handled properly. This one, along with Bleach, are pathetic compared to FMA: Brotherhood.
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