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Re: Bleach 529

My "white knight bullshit meter" needle just broke.
The reason I made that statement because it is common on this site to devalue another's comment based simply off their join date. So this post killed two birds with one stone: 1) I have been a member for a long time; 2) And states the reason why I do not post a lot considering the amount of time I have been a member. To elevate my status was not the intention.

I'm sorry, but have you actually read fucking anything he's "predicted"? I can count on one hand the number of things he's gotten right, and they have had no relevance at all (FTG producing smoke is a prediction...why?). Everything he's stated over the past couple of years has been flat out wrong (Sasuke as a "hidden Kyuubi jink, Shisui is Tobi, etc.), and every time it's been pointed out with actual logic and evidence, he's gone to ad hominen defenses (primarily his slanderous attacks towards either myself or Numinous).
In terms of relativity, the percentage of his predictions that come true compared to others is in the higher percentile.

This old complaint again. The overwhelming majority of the people that bitch about the manga do so because it's changed from its inception. Telling us to "quit reading" is retarded because, while people may not like the story telling now, they've invested years into the manga and want to see how it ends.
I don't care if its old or not, its still relevant. People, characters, stories change. That is a fact of life. It may have originally taken one direction but just because the arc of the story has changed in a way that you do not agree with does not necessarily make it trash. The main point of my original comment was that it is unnecessary to berate the same point EVERY WEEK. Also if the manga was truly trash I don't care how much you invested in it, you would stop reading. To post "Bleach is terrible" is not constructive in any way and annoyingly repetitive. Offer insight as to why you do not like it or simply remain silent, the latter is preferable.

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