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Re: Naruto_manga_624_prediction_thread

Suddenly Tajima appear behind distracted by fire injures's Butsuma, who is cut by Taijima in vertical slash in two halves, which turn to water falling down on ground. Tajima look furious, as he spot rain of shuriken comming at him from sky, he deflect all of them while moving slightly his katana in his right hand, while someone' s hands are shown weaving through handseals, cause earth rise and form two hands catching Tajima legs. Tajima spot them in last second, unable to react. Butsuma try to use this opportunity, as he throws two smoke bombs near him, as he dissapear using sunshin. Meanwhile Tajima weaves through another handseals, and when Butsuma appear about to strike Tajima straight in heart with his katana pointed at Tajima's heart, Tajima blows gush of powerfull wind destroying earth hands, leting him barerly escape but still Tajima get small cut on his right arm, but Tajima make fast swirl as he make cut at Butsuma left arm. Tajima and Butsuma exchange few blows in taijutsu, as Tajima win this with low kick after pretending to use posion at Butsuma, who distracted by that, was unable to block properly in time. Butsuma send flying hit in ground. Tajim weaves through another handseals while being in midair then blows huge ball of dense wind, don't give Butsuma anytime to recovery. Butsuma is hit and begin to scream before he can reach ground, Tajima smirks for moemnt, but suddenly he break up in many earth rocks, cause Tajima to be schocked then mad as he land on ground, spoting Butsuma few inches away.

Tajima: Damn you, Butsuma *earth release clone*

Butsuma: I will kill you , Tajima

Tajima: I will be the one who kill you, Tajima

Meanwhile with kid Izuna and kid Tobirama. Both Kid Izuna and Kid Tobirama follows their father's as they engage in taijutsu battle, where they exchange few blows, showing supperior speed of Izuna, abd supperior speed of Tobirama, then both Kid Izuna and Kid Tobirama jump away from each other as they weaves through few handseals and as they land on ground, Kid Izuna blows huge fire ball slightly smaller than then father , where Kid Tobirama create huge water stream, forming water stream from river then send at Incomming fire ball of Izuna's, cuase both their justu to cancel each other. Kid Izuna and Kid Tobirama use this chance to attack using distraction of enemy even for few seconds. Both of them appear at the same time , try to cute each other with their katan's, then engage in short Kenjutsu battle, showing their good skills, as they clash with their katan's try to overpower each other. Kid Tobirama being stronger push Kid Izuna away with great strength put in his katana, but Kid Izuna land safely on ground.

Kid Izuna: You are very good Tobirama, but I will have to kill you (smirks)

Kid Tobirama: you don't need to worry, I will killy you fast and painless (smirks)

Meanwhile with Madara and Hashirama. As both Kid Madara and Kid Hashirama watch their fathers clashing and their younger brothers, more and more concern appear on their faces. Both boys have saddnes mixed with anger as they watch their fathers and brothers fight. They begin to feel guilty that their fahters or brothers can die because of them not interfere, but when that idea come ot their minds, they looks at each other, looking deep into each other eyes.

Kid Madara(whsiper): Damn it...., I don;t want my brother or father to be killed, but *looks at Hashirama, as he flashes through their meeting, talking about peace, creating village etc.* but I don;t want to kill you either, Hashirama...

Kid Hashirama(whisper): Shit..., brother , father although I don't agree with your thoughts I want to help but... *look at Madara, as he flashes thorugh their meeting, creating friendship, readiness to help each other*

Suddenly Kid Madara and Kid Hashirama snap out of their thoughts as they spot their fathers and younger brothers to land on ground after exchanging blows. Tense in air rise up, as air begin to be havier and thick as temperature heat up. Few cracks appear on ground from both sides, as Madara and Hashirama look nervously about what has to happen.

Tajima(serious): Time to finish this fight, I will show you true power of Uchiha clan !

Butsuma(serious): You will expierience true power of Senjuu clan !

Kid Izuna(serious): you will die, Tobirama

Kid Tobirama(serious): you will die by my hand, Izuna

Kid Madara narrows his eyes at his fahter's and his younger brother's eyes as he spot three tomoe sharingan in their eyes, while Kid Hashirama narrows his eyes at his father's and younger brother body, as he look at their body charged up by powerfull amount of chakra emitting from them, cause their bodies to be surrounded by aura. Both Madara and Hashirama shouts at the same time.

Kid Madara: Shit, they are going to use sharingan !

Kid Hashirama: Shit, They are going to use Senjuu body power up !

As Both fathers and younger brothers prepare for battle to death, Kid Madara and Kid Hashirama watch this with nervously look, with sadness and anger mixed in their face expressions.

Kid Madara(almost crying from anger, with tight fists): *Damn it, what shoud I do...*

Kid Hashirama(almost crying from anger, with tight fists): *Damn it, I don't have any choice...*

Kid Madara, Kid Hashirama: *The Cursed Fate !*

======================================== ================================
Hashirama: We were fated to fight each other, great tragedy began from this moment...


625 - Great Tragedy soon...

Sorry for any grammar, typing mistakes ;/, my english is not perfect and besides I rushed it a little so I can correct and improve this when I will have time

still I hope you enjoy reading this
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