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Re: Bleach 529

Well this chapter proved alot from the previous discussion...

Isshin being Shiba
Isshin being head of his Noble house
Noble house still apart of the top five
Timeline wise Kubo shot us back before the Kaien/Rukia incident
(which would explain why she did not know Isshin)
Obviously (as this chapter cleared it up) Isshin was Captain of the 10th Division
I said it wouldn't make sense for Kaien to die and then Isshin becomes captain...
Now Isshin is headed to confront the business of the missing Shinigami within the Narukishi city. Guessing Aizen was still experimenting with his hogyuku (spl) and trying to get it to work. Needing the souls of 100's of souls and a rich reishi environment ect. Guessing that is why the timeline is focusing on Narukishi city...thinking Aizen already tainted that place before he had his eyes on Kakaraku town (spl).
Now this is where things get iffy...if Isshin is heading there now to confront the Arrancar (mock) of Narukishi city then this happens before his incident with Masaki in Kakaraku town. (obvious duh) So how is he defeated two times?..assuming he fights the first time...

Also with what Kukaku said "Uncle", Isshin and her Father/Mother were siblings... Isshin is the Uncle to Ginjo, Kukaku, and Kaien. Being Head of their House it makes sense for him to be a captain. Also time wise it makes sense for him to still be non active when his Nephew takes over after he departed. Their house fell because of their two strongest assets departing/dying...

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