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Re: Naruto_manga_624_prediction_thread

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Except jeanericuser had a primadona moment because someone actually read his prediction and pointed out flaws in a very civil manner, so quoting him is all kinds of moot. And, if you want to talk about unappreciated work, the fanfiction thread beats any prediction thread any day of the week. Have you read mine of Vishnu's original fictions, by any chance?

On the topic at hand, what's up with the random douchebags not knowing how to criticize? First was luffyus, now Last Swordsmans Word. You two, get a clue before you write anything.

And I have to applaud Rikudounaruto's very mature way of handling things, admitting his flaws and wanting feedback, be it praise or criticism. On the prediction itself, it was an enjoyable read and I could see Kishimoto writing this (if he wakes on the right side of the bed, that is), although there are a few flaws. The dialog is kind of clunky at times (like the women birthing lines) and, just as advice, don't put the action on a single paragraph with bolded letters, since it makes it unnecessarily hard to read. For example, this:

Could be easily made into this:

It's much easier on the eye if you break the action sections into paragraphs, each one containing a motion. Other than that, the only other flaw is Talima's name. Along with not fitting the Senju name motif, it's not even Japanese (since that language lacks a native l, so at best she could be Tarima).
Hey I am not out to call anyone a primadonna lol. I hear you Nummy...I am just saying you can criticize and point out clear flaws..but just give some respect...hell like it if you thought it was a decent read..leave a comment..just don't come in ...shit on the predic, break it apart, offend the author and leave....just be respectful is what I am saying...
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