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Re: Naruto_manga_624_prediction_thread

I just want to say, Rikudo... you've improved a lot. You still need to master spelling, usuage and syntax, but you are nowhere near the fail level of some here. At the very beginning it was pretty bad, but you've gotten better, so props. Also, you have become a bit predictable, for instance, in your last several preds, I've noticed you having the characters do the same moves. Give it a change of pace. A small tweak can make the world of differences. And I will say this... you've said your writing style is more geared towards the action. That is arguably probably the most difficult style of writing, just because you want to paint the picture with words and sometimes it can lose it's effect. That's why it's taking me forever to finish the last chapter in my Naruto fanfic (I've rewrote it now about 10 times). But please don't quit.

And j_u and dragonby are right. You've inspired me to try to write a pred... almost. And you have the vision to do one every week, working from the load of crap from the previous week. Kudos man.

I'm going to roflmfao, shitting myself if that happens. Num prolly will too.

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