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Re: Naruto_manga_624_prediction_thread

Originally Posted by jericho Uzimaki View Post
Hey,what about me, my predictions were good. At least I thought they were,lol.

All jokes aside, Rikudo, keep it up I enjou them. Sometimes you make me.want to.start predicting on a regular basis again. ALMOST.
Thanks jericho Uzimaki and sorry I forgot to mention your predictions too, yeah they were really good, but Last Swordsmans Word didn't mention you, so I forgot, sorry ;/

Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
Who is the newb now. Atleast this guys predictions are better than Kishi who has in my opinion made this manga so lame people can't even make predictions and this guy has guts to keep going.
Thanks DRAGONBPY, i really like to write predictions each week and considering manga tell us about Madara and Hashirama, it give me more strength and energy to write each prediction .

I would like to write about Sage of six paths with Juubi in ancient times, and Sage of six paths sons , I could be really enjoying it.

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
Yeah Jericho...Almost....hah! I just don't have the drive to post predictions is as Jeancruiser I think said...people just don't appreciate them or target them for criticism. I have no issue against being criticized..but at least show respect when reading others hard work.
I agree, and thanks for reading mine predictions.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Except jeanericuser had a primadona moment because someone actually read his prediction and pointed out flaws in a very civil manner, so quoting him is all kinds of moot. And, if you want to talk about unappreciated work, the fanfiction thread beats any prediction thread any day of the week. Have you read mine of Vishnu's original fictions, by any chance?
I agree ,people often can't appreciate other people efforts, they put in their works. Positive or negative feedback is right, but objective not negative ones.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
On the topic at hand, what's up with the random douchebags not knowing how to criticize? First was luffyus, now Last Swordsmans Word. You two, get a clue before you write anything.
you are really wise and clever Numinous and I agree with you in everything.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
And I have to applaud Rikudounaruto's very mature way of handling things, admitting his flaws and wanting feedback, be it praise or criticism. On the prediction itself, it was an enjoyable read and I could see Kishimoto writing this (if he wakes on the right side of the bed, that is), although there are a few flaws. The dialog is kind of clunky at times (like the women birthing lines) and, just as advice, don't put the action on a single paragraph with bolded letters, since it makes it unnecessarily hard to read. For example, this:

Could be easily made into this:

It's much easier on the eye if you break the action sections into paragraphs, each one containing a motion. Other than that, the only other flaw is Talima's name. Along with not fitting the Senju name motif, it's not even Japanese (since that language lacks a native l, so at best she could be Tarima).
Thank you very much ,Numinous so finally someone wrote me what they really feel while reading my prediction. I really like to get feedback, positive or negative . I will try to improve as much as I can thanks to your feedback Numinous. I really appreciate all adivices you or other people gave me.

Yeah, Talima name, I screwed it up ;/, Tarima could be well and fine I think.

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
Hey I am not out to call anyone a primadonna lol. I hear you Nummy...I am just saying you can criticize and point out clear flaws..but just give some respect...hell like it if you thought it was a decent read..leave a comment..just don't come in ...shit on the predic, break it apart, offend the author and leave....just be respectful is what I am saying...
really wise man, really wise , if people only read what you just wrote...

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
I just want to say, Rikudo... you've improved a lot. You still need to master spelling, usuage and syntax, but you are nowhere near the fail level of some here. At the very beginning it was pretty bad, but you've gotten better, so props. Also, you have become a bit predictable, for instance, in your last several preds, I've noticed you having the characters do the same moves. Give it a change of pace. A small tweak can make the world of differences. And I will say this... you've said your writing style is more geared towards the action. That is arguably probably the most difficult style of writing, just because you want to paint the picture with words and sometimes it can lose it's effect. That's why it's taking me forever to finish the last chapter in my Naruto fanfic (I've rewrote it now about 10 times). But please don't quit.

And j_u and dragonby are right. You've inspired me to try to write a pred... almost. And you have the vision to do one every week, working from the load of crap from the previous week. Kudos man.
Thanks you a lot jekyl_hyde;2136339, I will try my best to make my predictons more and more interesting, exciting, unpredictable while remeber about properly grammar, spelling, usage and syntax, although last I listed could be really hard to improve for me, because I am not born English native speaker ;/

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Well, considering Kishimoto either recycles moves to death or pulls new ones out of his ass, I'd say it's rather accurate.

I honestly envy people who know how to pull a good action writing because that's the only aspect of my writing that I'm always exasperating about. I don't know if it's because my writing references have little action or if it's my perfectionist streak that is always wondering if I portrayed movement in a visual manner, but this:

Is also happening to me. I have an action scene on Chapter 3 of Weaver and I keep ramming my head on it. People here probably don't imagine how I (and possibly you, j_H) would be ecstatic if someone who knew how to write them would drop by and help.
I really thank you for this great informations you placed in your text, it is really great for me. I know from first-hand expierience, that writting action scenes by describing how would look like picture and what actions could shows. Yeah it really hard, for example to write in proper sequence, describe exactly fighting scenes with including face expressions, movement and postions of shinobi's with what limbs take part in action with include influence it could has on surrondings.

For example: Two shinobi burst water under their's feet as they took of and charge at each other in blink with serious facial expression, one of them extend his right hand tight in fist from below up to chin of enemy, who with focus facial expression on his face, react i enough fast, rising his left hand and move it to side pushing enemy hand out of way.

Do you think goys that fight action I tried to describe is right, or should be corrected ?

Huh, yeah it is really hard, I am not even sure if battle I just described could be seen sama as I see it.

======================================== ================

Thank you very much all guys , you are my source of energy and will to continue writting my predictions and improve them how much I can .

Thanks for you time, and I hope you will enjoy reading my next predictions soon

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